Sketch note: Exploratory Writing (book)

“Exploratory writing is raw and messy and honest, and when you start you need to be sure that nobody else is ever going to see it.” (Alison Jones, Exploratory Writing)

I’ve just done my six minutes of exploratory writing for today and I thought I’d share a sketch note that I made at the end of last year for Alison’s book launch.

Sketch note

Exploratory writing is a brilliant tool for overcoming blank page syndrome and working through thoughts without pressure. You’ll be surprised at the value of adding this simple exercise to your day:

  1. Grab a pen, scruffy notepad, and prompt
  2. Set a timer for six minutes
  3. Write / doodle whatever springs to mind

Alison shared these lovely words when she signed my copy of the book:

“And to Sam, whose visual thinking is off the chart! Thank you for my amazing sketch note!”

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