Sketch note: Crafting Connection (book)

Kind words from Felicity Dwyer, Author

Book: Crafting Connection

“I absolutely LOVE the sketch note that Sam created for my book, Crafting Connection. Sam is very easy to work with. We had a short Zoom conversation, and a few days later, she sent me artwork which perfectly captured the feel and key concepts of the book. Thank you!”

(Felicity Dwyer, Author of Crafting Connection: Transform how you communicate with yourself and others)

I loved working with Felicity on the sketch note for her book, Crafting Connection. The book cover design is stunning and I instantly knew that I wanted to make a feature of the beautiful painted spiral.

After a conversation with Felicity and skimming through the contents of the book, there are three clear levels to Felicity’s process for crafting connection:

  1. Connecting with self
  2. Connecting with other people
  3. Connecting beyond wider networks and communities

This gave me the idea of looking at the painted spiral from a different perspective. What if it was a staircase across the three levels? I populated key ideas around this central feature.

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