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As an illustrator, I’m inspired by stories and I’m drawn to ideas. How can I communicate complex ideas or a moment in time in a way that’s simple and emotive for others? I love creating sketch notes and illustrations for books, social media & greeting cards.

Sketch notes

You feast with your eyes first. Here’s a powerful way to stand out & make your information memorable. Sketch notes are visual summaries that condense longer forms of content into a single image.

Getting people to engage with your content is a challenge. Use sketch notes to turn long / complex ideas into a single visual, educate your audience, and build excitement around your brand and ideas.

Book: Crafting Connection

About Sam

I’m a content creator, writer & illustrator, and currently a Design & Content Creator at Ad Esse Consulting. Passionate about helping others develop as Creatives, I have a blog, LinkedIn account, and Instagram, as well as a weekly newsletter, The Creative Tea Break. I also speak at events such as The Publishing Show on visual storytelling.

After an undergraduate degree in Publishing & English, I went on to complete a Diploma in Professional Marketing and I’m an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

My awards include ‘Best Personal Branding Campaign’ at the British Accounting Marketing Awards, and my mission is to inspire and share practical advice for Creatives to further their own skills and achieve their goals.

“Sam Warburton created a wonderful sketch note for my book, Don’t Fix Women, and continues to sketch note episodes for my podcast, The Equality Conversation. She is incredible in her ability to distil a huge amount of content into such delightful visual images that are easy to digest and really highlight the takeaways. Sam is talented, creative and professional, and also lovely to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to others.”

Joy Burnford, Founder & CEO, Encompass Equality

“Check out this fabulous sketch note that Sam Warburton created during a live online event last week! What a super way to remember an event! I’ll definitely be recommending Sam for events ongoing!”

Joe Foster, Reebok Founder

“Love this sketch note of our recent talk with Reebok founder Joe Foster, from the very talented Sam Warburton. I came across Sam’s work on Instagram and was so impressed at how she summarised webinar notes in such a visual way.”

Carly Hearn, Event Manager at Lincoln West

“Sam is a rare breed of professional. In addition to being an expert in her own area of design and content creation, she can also quickly comprehend and absorb the specialist areas she applies her core skills to. This makes her invaluable to work with. If you are lucky enough to work with Sam then don’t constrain her creativity, let her run with a brief or idea and I guarantee you will get what you wanted, and more.”

Rhiannon Gibbs, Director at Ad Esse Consulting

“Working with Sam was incredibly easy – one short meeting and a copy of my book, and she was away doing her creative bit. She turned some quite complex ideas into simple images and key words. She has a knack of getting to the heart of the message and creating powerful images to convey it.”

Catherine Stothart, Leadership Coach and Author

“To capture the essence of 50,000 words in a neat visual is an art! Sam turned detail into simple and brought my book to life marvellously. Thank you!”

Catherine Garrod, Author of Conscious Inclusion & Founder of Compelling Culture

“I absolutely LOVE the sketch note that Sam created for my book, Crafting Connection. Sam is very easy to work with. We had a short Zoom conversation, and a few days later she sent me artwork which perfectly captured the feel and key concepts of the book. Thank you!”

Felicity Dwyer, Author of Crafting Connection: Transform how you communicate with yourself and others

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